Jewellery Collections

This project aims to promote the international influence of the city of Fontainebleau “the french Horse City” through the evocation of its name on prestigious horse ornaments. Part of the sales of the jewelery will be donated to the castle of Fontainebleau to contribute to the restoration of the staircase, symbol of the majestic imperial city.


A brooch collection for the Jockeys will come from his own. This brooch will symbolize the House's conviction as a Sponsor that if everyone can make a contribution to the edifice of the racing world, this will be what will bring the balance of the whole and its sustainability.

Sandra Biloé's Strelitzia ring is hand-crafted with the utmost concern for Haute Joaillerie know-how. her Designer realized the jeweler's technical drawing in a big concern of the respect of the original work of Sandra Biloé. He has captured the soul is the spirit of his universe.


to technical realization

Find an enamelling that reflects my art until it reaches the Enamel Fire, intrinsically linked to my signature. An excessively delicate decoration technique that is difficult to master but which has great durability.


Leaving all the aspects, like the veins of a foliage or its colors, reveal themselves little by little in unalterable and refined decorations. I also attach importance to the update, to reveal the particular brilliance of combinations of new gems that I think must be in perfect adequacy, with the natural beauty of this forest of Brazil, imprint of life and brightness.


So much traditional know-how that assumes all the skill of the best artisans of the Place Vendôme that I use, if you look at the meticulousness with which each gemstone is set. Or the special care given by formidable goldsmiths to carve the curved lines of the Strelitzia, to the illusion of a 3D flower, like a ring reproducing a vine of vegetation immersed in 18K gold.