Joaillerie Monte-Carlo

- Member of the Monegasque Chamber of Jewelery and Watchmaking
- Member of the Federation of Monegasque Enterprises (Monegasque MEDEF)
- Sponsor of the Château de Fontainebleau

- Head of Public Relations at the International Conservatory of Equestrian Arts in Paris
- President of the Cheval d'Or Gala

Sandra Biloé Joaillerie Monte-Carlo is a brand new Monegasque Company
of Fine Jewellery


The society was created in 2017 by the very well-known French/Brazilian Contemporary Artist, Sandra Biloé who exhibits in Monaco and is featured regularly on Monaco Info. Her work specialises on the theme of the flora & fauna of 'The Amazon', with her favourite flower the Strelitzia featuring in each composition. 


"Nature unfolds to us all the codes of wild beauty in the Amazon, we must know how to observe them and sublimate them through art."

© Sandra Biloé Joaillerie Monte-Carlo 2018, created by Cassandre de Sigaldi I Concept-Design